Daily Meals and Maintenance for the Widows of Radha Kunda


80 out of 100 Widows Sponsored

$45 a month provides daily meals and maintenance for one widow.

If everyone who likes this service donates even $3 a month, we’ll be able to care for all of the ladies in need.

Monthly Sponsorship

Monthly donations are ideal since we can then take care of more widows permanantly.

Sponsorship Options:

“Some come as genuine pilgrims to devote their remaining years to the service of Radha/Krishna, but many others come here to escape from brutal family homes or have been flung out by their sons and daughters-in-law as unwanted baggage.

This is one unusual aspect of Indian society that the government might prefer the outside world not to see, despite all their genuine efforts to solve the problem.” BBC News Magazine

Image from BBC News

One time Donation

Sponsor One Meal or Feast

Enter Date to Sponsor:

100% of all donations collected here are used for this project.

Pictured here is a standard daily meal

The utilization of donations:

  • 10% – Advertising, and website development
  • 10% – Helps compensate for the coming and going of monthly donors
  • 5% – Kept aside for widows personal care
  • 55% – Food supplies for high quality meals, cooks and other ground crew, equipment, gas for stoves etc.
  • 20% – Widow support and maintenance
    (allows us to to provide widow employment)

Pictured here is a standard feast, served up to twice a month

Our service is non sectarian.
Padma Inc. supports free education and provides shelter to anyone in need. Education is the basis by which future abuses can be minimized, and food is needed today.

Please also see our policy for non-discrimination and mission page.