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If you wish to help us in this mission, please feel free to become a sponsor! You can also donate any amount you like to help with the cause. 100% of all donations are used for the service of Radhakunda, Govardhana and their people.

If you would like to sponsor something more specific, please see Ongoing Projects.

General services:

General sponsorships will be assigned to an active service that needs the most support.


Personal Care:

Personal care sponsorships will be assigned to daily meals for widows, or to other personal needs of Radha Kunda Residents.


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Create an account with us that is trackable with your own login info.
• To set this up please click here.
• Then click “First time, user registration”
• Then click “Scheduled Giving”
• Then choose which fund to give to
• Then click “Activate Schedule”    -all done-

One time donation

All donations are greatly appreciated.

Donate to “Padma Inc.” in India

If you have a bank account in India and would like to donate directly,
here is the account info. Please contact us for more info.

Account name:
Mayapur Das Fiorentino

Abhaycharandas, 79A, Tulsi Vatika
Srivan Colony, Ramenreti
Vrindavan, U.P. , 281121

ICICI acct no.
Vrindavan, UP
IFSC Code:

Support the Admins:

To support specifically spoort Campakalata & Mayapurcandra who spend their time exclusively on this work, please donate here.

Sponsorship Options:

Support Admins – One time donation

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Padma Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization