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If you wish to help us in this mission, please feel free to become a sponsor! You can also donate any amount you like to help with the cause. 100% of all donations are used for the service of Radhakunda, Govardhana and their people.

If you would like to sponsor something more specific, please see Ongoing Projects.

General services:

General sponsorships will be assigned to an active service that needs the most support.


Personal Care:

Personal care sponsorships will be assigned to daily meals for widows, or to other personal needs of Radha Kunda Residents.


If you would like to sponsor through PayPal in GBP instead of USD, please click here.

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• Then click “Activate Schedule”    -all done-

One time donation

All donations are greatly appreciated.

Donate to “Padma Inc.” in India

If you have a bank account in India and would like to donate directly,
here is the account info. Please contact us for more info.

Account name:
Mayapur Das Fiorentino

Abhaycharandas, 79A, Tulsi Vatika
Srivan Colony, Ramenreti
Vrindavan, U.P. , 281121

ICICI acct no.
Vrindavan, UP
IFSC Code:

Support Admins:

100% of all donations are used for the charitable projects. To support the admins that spend their time exclusively on this work, please use these buttons.

Sponsorship Options:

Support Admins – One time donation

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Padma Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization