Radha Kunda/Shyama Kunda Stairs

Each service (Cleaning, Gardening, Renovation and Murals) require $108 USD monthly to maintain. Here, cleaning and murals are available. As the area is so large, instead of $108 USD, we need approximately $800 USD monthly to maintain cleaning.

Cleaning: 54% sponsored
Murals: 0% sponsored

Note: To see more details of what sponsoring involves, please visit the Cleaning Services page, the Donate page, or contact us.

Sponsorship Options:

Current Sponsors:

Durasaya das
Dvarkadhish Dasa
Emilie Piguet
Gurudev Sirsi
Harsh Pradhan
Kitri Waterman
Mahalaksmi devi dasi
Suhani Bharat
Yuvraj Verma

Daily, many people (and animals) walk, sit, and bathe upon the steps to Radha Kunda and Shyama Kunda(aka Krsna/Krishna Kunda), none of them really paying heed to what they leave behind; bottles, plastic bags, soap from washing their clothing and themselves (of course animals don’t wash their clothes and themselves with soap… or at all), and sometimes in corners here and there, can be found what should really be left in the bathroom. Therefore, we need several people lining the stairs all day every day to keep them clean.

Little Helpers:

Ananga Manjari dd
Ausra Budriene
Dennis Mahoney
Dharminder Dargan
Jennie Foulkes
Mario Kelek

Praveen Punnam 
Rashmi Shenthar 
Krishna Gopal das (ACBSP)
Suresh Pothugunta
William Willis
Yovna ghengadoo