Cleaning/Restoration Services - Locations around Radha Kunda

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Below is a list of places available for sponsoring within the area of Radha Kunda.

Most places have a need for cleaning, gardening, renovation and finally murals. Depending on our capability at the time, we would like to fully sponsor every area to bring it to the highest standard.

  • Cleaning: The goal is to have a cleaning person on site all day long from morning to evening. Sponsoring a cleaner full time costs us about $108 USD a month.
  • Gardening: If possible at the area, a fully sponsored gardener costs us about $108 USD a month.
  • Renovation: Every area always needs some renovation whether it be to fix a dilapidated mess or simply to do some maintenance. A fully sponsored construction worker costs us around $108 USD a month.
  • Murals: If painting a mural is available at the area, a fully sponsored artist costs us about $108 USD a month.

For more information or to donate please visit our Sponsor page or contact us.

100% of all donations are used for the charitable projects. To support the admins that spend their time exclusively on this work, please see the bottom of the donate page.