Prasad for Parikrama Pilgrims

Join us is in providing a snack of kitri (also called kichadi, a rice & bean mix) for up to 1,000 pilgrims going on parikrama, walking pilgrimage, around Radha kunda. Each person gets a good-sized ladle of kitri into a leaf cup. Parikrama is exhausting and can cause great hunger, so a good healthy snack of kitri is much appreciated by everyone.

It is estimated that this snack for 1,000 people costs $130 USD.
This service encompasses:

  • Cooking – Buying the foods to cook, and sponsoring cooks
  • Providing leaf cups – It is slightly more costly to use leaf cups since they are handmade, but what is the point of all our clean-up of plastic trash if we use plastic dishes ourselves?
  • Serving – Sometimes we find people to serve out the kitri for free (actually they find us) but often we sponsor local widows or old babas to serve.
  • Cleaning up – As can be seen from our website, cleaning up is a big part of what we do. So we have to leave the serving area clean.
Sponsorship Options:

Current Monthly Sponsors:
Harry Kumra
Arti Shinde

If you wish to make a one time donation of kitri to the parikrama pilgrims instead of monthly, that is also an option.