Lalita Kunda

Each service (Cleaning, Gardening, Renovation and Murals) require $108 USD monthly to maintain. Here only cleaning is available.

Cleaning: 100% sponsored

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Ramesta das
Tirthankar Bhowmick

About Lalita Kunda

It is said that Sri Lalita Sakhi’s original spiritual kunja (forest) is the largest kunja in the area of Radha Kunda. Here there are platforms made of gold, sapphires, crystal and lapis lazuli. In the center of a courtyard is a golden temple called Ananga Rangambuja, which is in the shape of a 1,000-petal lotus.

It is also said that Lalita and Mohan (Krishna) called the 68 tirthas (holy places) to come and reside in her kunda. One who bathes in this kunda gets the benefit of becoming free from the sin of six kinds of hatya (murder):
    1. brahma-hatya (killing a brahmana)
    2. go-hatya (cow slaughter)
    3. bhrina-hatya (abortion)
    4. krimi-hatya (killing insects)
    5. svana-hatya
    6. atma-hatya (suicide)