Gopi Kupa

Each service (Cleaning, Gardening, Renovation and Murals) require $108 USD monthly to maintain. Here, cleaning, renovation and murals are available.

Cleaning: 95% sponsored
Renovate: 0% sponsored
Murals: 0% sponsored

Note: To see more details of what sponsoring involves, please visit the Radhakunda page, the Sponsor page, or contact us.

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Current Sponsors:

Manoj Saraswat
Raghunandana das

About Gopi Kupa

Gopi Kupa is a well dug under the direction of Raghunatha dasa Goswami at a site where the gopis originally had a well. Raghunatha dasa Goswami constructed this well so that Radha Kunda residents wouldn’t use the waters of Radha Kunda or Shyama Kunda to wash their clothes. It was here, during the digging of the well that the tongue of Govardhana was found. For the rest of the story, see Jihva Mandir.