Dananivartana Kunda

We have just started a new project near the tail of Govardhana, aiming to clean up the once beautiful waters of Dananivartana Kunda. We’ve already started cleaning, and we need funding! We need all the help we can get.


Monthly Maintenance:

Maintained daily cleaning will take about $200 monthly.

Monthly maintenance is currently not sponsored.


One Time donations will go towards initial cleanup and monthly sponsorships will go towards ongoing maintenance as well as initial cleanup.


All donations are appreciated!

Note: To see more details of what sponsoring involves, please visit the Cleaning Services page, the Donate page, or contact us.

Location of Dananivartana Kunda

Apsara Kunda and Navala Kunda

Currently Not Sponsored

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Sponsorship Options

One Time Donation

This image of Dananivartana Kunda was taken over a decade ago, before the trash set in (click to enlarge)

About Dananivartana Kunda

Once when Radharani and Her girlfriends were at Radha-kund, one of Radharani’s pet parrots informed Her of a great sacrifice being conducted at Govinda-kund. Taking bath and dressing very nicely, Radharani and all Her girlfriends left for Govinda-kund, carrying golden pots of milk products on their heads. Meanwhile, Krsna‚Äôs pet parrot told Him that Srimati Radharani was proceeding towards Govinda-kund along with Her girlfriends. When Radharani and the gopis arrived, Krsna challenged them to stop and pay the tax, “You are regularly using this pathway to sell your milk products but you never ever pay the tax!” He told Radharani that each of Her assistants must pay a handful of diamonds as a tax and by His clever use of words, suggested that Radharani must pay extra tax for all the beautiful parts of her body. Radharani became angry and walked away, but Krsna forcibly stopped Her. He told Radharani that She could go, but Lalita must stay as a hostage to make sure they would return to pay tax. In a fury, Lalita threatened Him by saying she would call mother Yasoda and Radharani’s mother-in-law, Jatila. Finally Nandimukhi, Radharani’s close companion, convinced Krsna to release Radharani because Her reputation as a chaste lady would be ruined and assured Him that some gopis would return the next day to Danivartan Kunda to pay tax in full. However, the gopis were feeling very angry at Krsna for threatening them in this way. So the next day, Lalita, Visakha and hundreds of gopis hid themselves around this lake. When Krsna arrived with only a few cowherd boys, the gopis pounced on them, beat them, tied them up to the trees and humiliated them in various ways. Lalita than demanded that Krsna pay tax to Srimati Radharani, the queen of Vrindavana, because His cows were eating the grass of Her forests. Lalita then brought Radhika and forced Krsna to bow down to Her lotus feet, ask forgiveness and accept Her as the queen of Vrindavana. So this is the kund where tax (dani) was returned (nivartana). These various tax pastimes went on almost daily because, due to the influence of Yogamaya, everyone would forget the previous day’s episode. They are described in the Dana-Keli-Cintamani by Raghunath das Gosvami, Dana-Keli-Kamudhi by Sanatan Gosvami as well as in various other Vaisnava literature.

Images taken in 2017 of the Kunda – Help us clean!