Daily Meals and Personal Care for the Widows of Radha Kunda

We address the needs of India’s most vulnerable.

Enterprise donation solutions available. For example: https://microsoft.benevity.org/


76 out of 100 widows sponsored

We are currently caring for 85 widows but some of them are still unsponsored.

$45 USD a month is sufficient to provide daily meals and personal care for one widow. But even a small monthly donation of $10 will quickly combine with other donations and allow us to take care of more widows.

Monthly Sponsorship

Monthly donations are ideal since we can then take care of more widows permanantly.

Sponsorship Options:

The utilization of donations:

  • 5% – Advertising – Facebook and Google
  • 5% – Helps compensate for the coming and going of monthly donors
  • 5% – Kept aside for widows personal care
  • 10% – For building the new kitchen facility for the widows & eventually its maintenance
  • 75% – Food supplies for high quality meals, cooks and other ground crew, equipment, gas for stoves etc.

One time Donation

Our service is non sectarian.
Padma Inc. supports free education and provides shelter to anyone in need. We simply want to provide relief and education. Education is the basis by which future abuses can be minimized, and food is needed today.

Please also see our policy for non-discrimination and mission page.

Some widows choose to come here to find freedom from oppressive cultural customs and hope for shelter from the many pains of being in this material world. Sadly, it also happens that poor families from accross India will abandon their widowed mothers here. And so, there are many thousands of good people in the Radha Kunda / Govardhana area who are lucky to get one healthy meal per day.

The typical daily meals consist of chapatti, dhal, and subji. (as pictured above)

Besides daily meals, we also provide regular feasts. (as pictured above)