Build a Kitchen

She came here after her husband died. Perhaps she was sent here by her family, perhaps not, but she decided to devote herself to her dear Lord Krishna in Radha Kunda. She’s become happy to live very simply, with prayer and meditation as spiritual nourishment. She is grateful, so grateful, for the daily meal we provide. Presently with the help of many committed monthly donors and a temporary rented facility, we are feeding nearly 100 such widows every day. And yet, so many more widows are asking for food. There are also hungry children. To meet the need, we need a real kitchen.

In 2010 Padma Inc. admins used their personal savings to obtain land, which is lush and has sweet water, rare in this area. Construction began in Oct 2016.

Our facility will daily provide balanced, healthy meals to 10,000 hungry residents of Govardhan and Radha Kunda. The kitchen will also serve wholesome meals to the children attending the Sandipani Muni School being built on the adjacent land. The Sandipani Muni School, run by Food For Life Vrindavan, will offer free education and medical care for the needy children of Radha Kunda and Govardhan, while our kitchen will be responsible for the children’s free meals.

Beyond supplying daily meals, the kitchen building will include an office to increase the quality of coordinating our cleaning, restoration and sanitation efforts around Radha Kunda and Govardhan. We will also be building a guest facility for volunteers and donors. Building a kitchen, office, and administration facility on our land greatly aids our endeavors in ways beyond the obvious.

Many locals who have a heart for food distribution, restoration and sanitation not only need decent compensation, but job security too. Once we have an established office and a clearly visible charitable function, a greater number of local people will feel more enthused about taking up a long-term service with us.

Another benefit deals with the special situation in this area. Cleaning and sanitation in the sites around Radha Kunda has been challenging, but even more difficult has been the behind-the-scenes negotiations. Repeatedly, as we have sought to clean various sites around Radha Kunda and Govardhana, we have run into opposition from land and temple owners whose desire is to see that any and all incoming donations go directly to their own pockets. Having our own land with a very active and visible charitable function will attract the support of both the masses of people, as well as influential humanitarian and environmentally-minded locals and government officials, all of whom will be willing to back our cause and aid in our negotiations to help in these areas.

If everyone who visits this page gives at least $35, we’ll reach our goal in ten days. The result? Thousands of widows freed from anxiety for meals, hundreds of children getting a foundation of good nutrition, more places restored and given proper sanitation. Please help us today.

First steps: Putting up the boundary wall on the new land.

Where your donations are going:

First $100k – Fundamentals

  • High boundary walls
  • Kitchen construction!
  • Security guard huts
  • Admin Buildings
  • Steam cooker ovens
  • A proper septic system
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Landscaping
  • Cooking supplies-pots etc
  • Cooks & cleaning crew
  • Transport & serving crew

Second $100k – Expansion

  • 100KWH Solar system
  • VIP Guest & Volunteer facility
  • Chapati (flat bread) machine – Makes 10k per hour
  • Rice/bean sorter – (gets rid of rocks etc.)
  • General transport vehilcle
  • Food distrabution vehicle

Monthly Sponsorship

Monthly donations are ideal since they’ll help quickly get the kitchen built AND allow us to feed everyone that the kitchen was built for.

Sponsorship Options:

One time Donation

One time donations will speed the construction, and 100% of ALL donations will be used in this endeavor.



We aim to address the needs of India’s most vulnerable by providing for the widows and children of Radha Kunda.

Our service is non sectarian. Padma Inc. supports free education and provides shelter to anyone in need. We simply want to provide relief and education.
Education is the basis by which future abuses can be minimized, and food is needed today.

Please also see our policy for non-discrimination and mission page.