Apsara Kunda and Navala Kunda

We have just started a new project at the tail of Govardhana, aiming to clean up the once beautiful waters of Apsara Kunda and Navala Kunda. We’ve already started cleaning, and we need funding! We need all the help we can get.

Breakdown of costs for initial cleanup:

• $200 buys a trash rickshaw – we need 2
• $10 hires a worker for 1 day to clean
• It’ll cost us $400 to maintain cleaning and gardening and water purification
• Initial cleanup will be about $1200 total (hiring 8 workers for a week + tools, rickshaws etc.

Monthly Maintenance:

Maintained daily cleaning will take about $200 monthly.

Monthly maintenance is currently 12% sponsored.

One Time donations will go towards initial cleanup and monthly sponsorships will go towards ongoing maintenance as well as initial cleanup.

All donations are appreciated!

Note: To see more details of what sponsoring involves, please visit the Cleaning Services page, the Donate page, or contact us.

Location of Apsara Kunda and Navala Kunda

Apsara Kunda and Navala Kunda

Current Sponsors:

Kunjal Thaker

Sponsor Monthly

Monthly Sponsorship Options:

One Time Donation

About Apsara Kunda

This story explains these kundas is as follows. When the demigods came to bathe Lord Krsna, 108 kundas were created by the water from His abhisek. Apsara-kund was created when the seven main Apsaras came to perform their abhisek of Lord Krsna. Srimati Radharani is the most beautiful apsara or transcendental damsel and Apsara-kund received its name after Her.

On the bank of Apsara-kund there is Apsara-bihari Temple, Dauji Temple and small Apsara-isvara (Siva-linga) shrine.

It is said that twenty four main incarnations of Lord Visnu eternally perform their pastimes on the bank of this kund. Krsna used to come here and for the pleasure of His boyfriends He manifested some of these forms to enjoy His pastimes in various incarnations. Once He manifested twelve-armed Visnu form in front of the gopis and Subal took form of Garuda. On another occasion He became Varaha and started to dig the Earth. Then He became Ramacandra and the cowherd boys became monkeys.

About Navala Kunda

Navala means “young” or “ever youthful” and this lake is named after ever-youthful Krsna. Once, when Radha and Krsna were absorbed in the ecstasy of the rasa dance, Krsna looked at the beautiful Radharani and simply melted into this lake. Radharani than looked at tribanga-lalita form of Krsna and melted into Apsara-kund. The waters of these two kundas are thus melted forms of Radha-Krsna prema. This kund is sometimes called Punchari-kund, since it is directly at the Punchari (tail) of Govardhana Hill.

Images taken over a decade ago – Note the cleanliness

Images taken in 2017 – See the garbage accumulation!