We clean Radharani's place, and serve Her people. Want to help?

Cleaning/Restoration Services

Our goal is to post “cleaning patrols” around the entire periphery of Govardhana Hill and Radha Kunda and to establish an effective and sustainable cleaning infrastructure for the whole area.

We are awed and inspired by the increasing number of pilgrims who annually, monthly, or even daily undertake the parikrama (circumambulation) pilgrimage around Govardhana. But we are equally awed by the amount of trash they leave behind, and not in a good way. Sadly, the sanitation/cleaning infrastructure that one would find in most popular tourist destinations of the world is not in place in Vraja. The trash is only increasing as more and more people come. And it is our cherished desire to be active participants in establishing a cleaning system that would daily tackle the mountains of trash that litter this sacred land.

Presently, our efforts are focused around Radha Kunda, with only a few sites near Govardhan being regularly cleaned. Our hope is…

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Service to People

Widows are frequently abandoned in Vraja Dham by their families, or they choose to come here to find freedom from oppressive cultural customs and ultimately to find liberation from this material world by taking advantage of the blessings of living in a sacred place. The more we serve in Radha Kunda, the more we are touched by their plight. Our on-site manager, Abhay Charan Prabhu has been particularly moved seeing the difficulty widows, both young and old have with getting even the basic…

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Want to participate? Please consider joining our monthly donation group as this greatly impacts the service commitments we can make in Radhakund and Govardhana.

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